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“Internet-Enabled Clean-Tech Startups Define a New Sector”

March 27, 2014

Ron Pernick and his team at CleanEdge cite Cleanweb as one of the Top 5 trends in Cleantech.

Here’s a taste of their analysis (with a nice quote from Nick)…

The cleanweb sector is more than just a grassroots effort, and is becoming serious business, attracting major funding and thousands of customers. Cleanweb treads on VC’s historically familiar high-tech turf of software and the web. “It’s less capital-intensive, leverages technologies that VCs are very familiar with, and can create value very quickly,” says Nicholas
Eisenberger, managing partner of Pure Energy Partners, a leading funder in the sector. “I’m not suggesting that all clean-tech venture capital should migrate to cleanweb, but it helps traditional VCs to see the opportunities in resource efficiency – and also helps clean-tech investors to see the power of the IT tools that are out there.”

Go here to see a summary and download the full report.