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The CO2 Asset Network

February 20, 2013

Transforming CO2 from a Waste to an Asset

What if we could turn carbon emissions from pollution into products? It’s a core component of fuels, fertilizers, feeds, building materials, plastics, chemicals… and of course life itself.

This is the vision of a growing number of innovators, investors, and industrial companies that we work with globally.

CAN Logo

To drive the rapid development and commercialization of carbon recycling solutions, Pure Energy Partners is launching the CO2 Asset Network (CAN) with the support of several leading charter member organizations, including Det Norske Veritas, Tri-State Generation, Prize Capital, and the World Wildlife Fund.

By bringing together key players across diverse sectors, geographies, and perspectives, the CO2 Asset Network will provide a collaborative platform for best practice sharing, dialogue, education, and action focused on catalyzing solutions that turn CO2 from a waste to an asset and help close the carbon cycle globally.

CAN will be hosting an invitation-only carbon recycling leadership summit in the second quarter.  For more information on the summit, joining the CO2 Asset Network, and membership benefits, please contact Sameer Rashid at